Villa Michetti

One century of Endless Love

Wedding styles of 1920, 1950,1980 and 2020

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Saint Petersburg

This series is about the state of the soul. About ease and serenity.

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Cover shooting

Wedding Magazine Russia

The main characters of the new issue of WEDDING MAGAZINE RUSSIA are Alina Astrovskaya and Anton Lavrentiev.


They are in love, engaged, and happy. The palette of their feelings is diverse. Romance. Tenderness. Proximity. Passion. Love.

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Hyatt Regency Moscow

An idea of how well you can spend your wedding day at the Hyatt Regency Moscow Hotel

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Palm Spirngs, USA

Desert X

45 minutes of photo shoot and under 45 degrees of heat in the style of Burning Man

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Covid-19. Sklifosovskiy

Report on the work of doctors during the pandemic in Moscow

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